Particle of the Universe
8 episode tv series

«The Particle of the Universe» (2016)


Written and directed by Alena Zvantsova

This is a story about real heroes., those who live here and now. They are the ones who you want to be like. This is a story about real women who know how to wait. About people who work for space at RKA Mission Control Center and Zvyozdny, at Baikonur and at the Institute of Space Medicine. This is a movie about a feat, a true male friendship, and a great love. About everything we miss so much in this life.

  • Directed by: Alena Zvantsova
  • Screenwriter: Alena Zvantsova
  • Cinematography by: Shandor Berkeshi
  • Art Direction by: Sergei Avstrievskikh, Viktoria Bogdanova
  • Music by: Roman Dormidoshin
  • Top cast: Viktoria Isakova, Aleksey Makarov, Sergei Puskepalis, Aleksey Agranovich, Anna Mikhalkova
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