12 episode TV series

«Garden Ring» (2017)


Directed by Aleksei Smirnov (debut)

Vera Smolina can only be envied. She has the perfect family. Love, harmony and happiness reign in her house. Until one day her son Ilya disappears. It is strange to imagine something bad can happen in the cloudless universe of Vera. Trying to understand what has happened to Ilya, despite the disbelief of those around her, Vera begins her own investigation. To discover that the familiar world around is not at all what it seemed to her for many years.

  • Directed by: Aleksei Smirnov (debut)
  • Cinematography by: Sergei Medvedev (debut)
  • Art Direction by: Edic Galkin
  • Produced by: Valery Todorovsky
  • Production by: Marmot-Film Studio
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