A movie about the greatest artists

«Chagal-Malevich» (2013)

In the center of the movie there is a confrontation between two artists Chagall and Malevich. This is a story about the amazing fate of outstanding artists, their love for one woman, and the history of two art schools and art trends shown against the background of the history of the country.

  • Directed by: Alexander Mitta
  • Screenwriter: Alexander Mitta
  • Cinematography by: Sergey Machilskiy
  • Art Direction by: Eduard Galkin
  • Production by: Marmot-Film Studio, the Company “Ch&M-Film”
  • Top cast: Leonid Bichevin, Anatoly Beliy, Kristina Shaiderman, Semen Shkalikov, Dmitry Astrakhan
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