ironic melodrama

«Tango» (2023)

Nora is a successful businesswoman with a steely grip not only on her work, but also on her family relationships. Her perfectly constructed system of life collapses when her beloved husband Vanya suddenly dies. The news of his death is accompanied by no less shocking information: Vanya had a "second life". Not only was he cheating on his wife, but he was also secretly practicing the tango, a passionate dance that is the exact opposite of a clear and structured life with Nora. Trying to make sense of what happened, Nora herself goes to the tango school, which at first seems to her to be a meeting place for people with low social responsibility. But in the end it is this colorful world that changes Nora beyond recognition: she will go from a woman with an iron grip to a free and soft dancer.

  • Screenwriter: Galina Mosalova
  • Directed by: Sergei Sentsov
  • Cinematography by: Nikita Gorodnichenko
  • Art direction by: Aliya Kosayeva
  • Produced by: Valery Todorovsky, Igor Mishin, Maxim Koroptsov,
  • Anastasia Biryukova, Maxim Filatov, Irina Scherbovich-Vecher, Aglaya Smirnova
  • Top cast: Yulia Snigir, Denis Shvedov, Nastya Talyzina, Rinal Mukhametov,
  • Vasily Brichenko, Maxim Karushev, Margarita Faradzheva
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