«Actresses» (2023)

A story that will shatter viewers' perceptions of the actors' lives and let the audience into their real lives with their fears, desires, and goals. It will become clear what those who are used to being carefree people live by. And how in the acting profession - as in few other professions - someone who yesterday was everything, tomorrow may become nothing.

  • Directed by: Fyodor Bondarchuk
  • Produced by: Valery Todorovsky, Sergey Bondarchuk, Alexey Kiselev, Anastasia Koretskaya, Vyacheslav Murugov, Maxim Rybakov, Alexander Kosarim, Anton Volodkin, Olga Filipuk, Mikhail Kitaev
  • Top cast: Svetlana Khodchenkova, Sergey Gilev, Elena Nikolaeva, Polina Pushkaruk, Alexei Makarov, Anna Nevskaya, Pavel Popov and others
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