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Valery Todorovsky Production Company is a community of like-minded individuals united by their professional love for cinema. The founders of the company - producers Valery Todorovskiy, Anastasia Biryukova, and Maxim Koroptsov - consider the joint work on the film "Country of the Deaf" (1996), as a company’s founding point.

In a quarter of a century, the company has released more than 60 television series and 20 feature films, and has brought together the best filmmakers for its projects: actors, directors, composers, cameramen, screenwriters, artists, producers. The studio has more than a hundred prestigious awards of both Russian and international film festivals.





Online cinema Okko, Originals Production Centre and Valery Todorovsky's Marmot-Film studio have started shooting a new 12-part detective thriller "Kidnapping".

The director of the project - Kirill Pletnev. The author of the script was Ksenia Kiyashko, and as a cameraman-director was invited Egor Kochubey.
The main roles in the series will play Marina Vasilyeva, Timofey Tribuntsev, Dmitry Kulichkov, Arthur Vaha, Rinal Mukhametov, Isabel Eidlen, Egor Kenzhametov and others.
The story will tell about the captain of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Aglaia Mezentseva (Marina Vasilyeva) and investigator Vsevolod Kosinskiy (Timofey Tribuntsev), one of the best specialists in the search for children, who unravel the case of the missing 5-year-old grandson of the world-famous conductor Mark Krechetov (Artur Vakha). The child mysteriously disappeared during a walk with his nanny, and the woman herself received a blow to the head and lost her memory. Literally all members of the Krechetov family come under suspicion and Kosinskiy spares no one for the sake of achieving results. Aglaia does not accept Kosinskiy's methods, but nevertheless becomes his best pupil. The more Aglaia unravels the tangle of complicated family relations and financial fraud in the Krechetov family, the more she must sacrifice - her peace of mind, career, lives and feelings of other people. And even put at risk her unborn child.



Retro-detective directed by Sergei Chekalov became the winner of the XXII Golden Eagle Award in two categories: "Best TV series" and "Best male role on television" (Sergei Bezrukov).
Congratulations to all the creators!



As part of the program "List-2023" in Zotov.Kino will be held a special screening of the film "For us with you". A meeting with director Andrei Smirnov will take place after the screening.



The series directed by Sergei Chekalov "Bison: The Case of the Mannequin Girl" will compete in two nominations for the "Golden Eagle" awards: "Best TV series" and "Best male role on television" (Sergei Bezrukov). Also on the short list was Sergei Bondarchuk's project "Actresses" in the nomination "Best Actress in an Online Series" (Svetlana Khodchenkova).
XXII Golden Eagle Film Awards ceremony will be held on January 26, 2024 at Mosfilm.



Criminal melodrama about a man against whom his ex-wives have united `
On the online platform KION will be released series "Kesha must die" directed by Konstantin Bogomolov. In the main roles - Konstantin Bogomolov himself, Alexandra Rebenok, Yulia Snigir, Julia Alexandrova and Vasilisa Perelygina. The series will be released exclusively in the online cinema KION from December 1.

Yulia Snigir, actress:
"For me, the role of Varya is special, as I have not played anything similar in the movie. In her, as in my other heroines, there is definitely drama, but the story itself is very witty and airy - and I couldn't ignore that. I was always very funny inside: the script is beautifully written, and I hope the audience will appreciate it too. I'd also like to mention the talented production designer Vladimir Gudilin. He fills the space with life in an incredible way, you get a full sense of its reality, and in this way the character of a person is formed: you enter the set, and everything about the hero is clear to you. Moreover, I took home a huge number of items from Varya's apartment, and now they not only remind me of these shootings, but also decorate my home.



"Made in Russia" is Snob's annual award. In 2023, it was held for the 12th time - the club members, readers of the site, experts and the editorial staff once again chose the best projects invented and realized by russians in Russia.
The series "Actresses" was shortlisted for the "Made in Russia" award in the category "Movies, TV series, animation".



Originals Production Center and Valery Todorovsky's Marmot-Film studio started shooting a new drama for Okko "Grown-ups" - Ekaterina Todorovskaya's directorial debut.
"Grown-ups" is the story of three friends - Lisa, Sonya and Yana - who have been friends since childhood and grew up on the same dacha. Usually, a girl at 25 has already graduated from the institute, has work experience and several romances behind her back. Someone even manages to get married and give birth to a child. But our characters do not have everything according to plan. They do not yet know who they want to be and have not yet found the love of their lives. They grow up, strive for happiness, and each is looking for her own way.

Ekaterina Todorovskaya, director: "I wrote a story about me and my girlfriends. About our friendship and our growing up. It often happens that at 25 you don't know yet what you want to be and you haven't found the love of your life. You suffer, you agonize, you wait for advice from your friend. You're searching for yourself. I think that should be close to everyone. My team is amazing. They are very talented and professional people. And what wonderful actors we have! Of course, I'm nervous before shooting, it's my debut anyway. But I feel a lot of support and I really hope that everything will work out.



Premiere of the multi-part movie "Bison: The Case of the Mannequin Girl" on Channel One.
Directed by Sergei Chekalov ("The Other Side of Death", "Stewardess", "False Flag"). The series starred Aysel Prat, Angelica Markelova, Anna Bogomolova, Daniel Vershinin, Ivan Fominov, Gennady Smirnov, Sergei Gilyov.

Valery Todorovsky, producer:
"The script of the detective series "Bison: The Case of the Mannequin Girl" we wrote more than 5 years, and I am very pleased with how exciting it turned out. We will see the Soviet, as they say now, glamor, which was hidden and inaccessible to ordinary Soviet people, but this world was, and it was in its own way dangerous, fascinating, and the world of models - especially interesting and attractive. The artists recreated the atmosphere, scenery, costumes of Moscow in the 70s, and it was the most difficult in the realization of such a plan. And who knows, perhaps "Bison: The Case of the Mannequin Girl" will be the beginning of a great detective saga, which will have a continuation".



At the closing of the festival guests will be able to see the series " BISON: THE CASE OF THE MANNEQUIN GIRL " with Sergei Bezrukov. The actor plays a stubborn and principled detective who investigates the murder of a mannequin. The series also starred Alexander Yatsenko, Vladimir Steklov, Aysel Prat, Lika Markelova and others.
In the director's chair - Sergei Chekalov ("The Other Side of Death"). The project was created by the studio "Marmot-film" for the Channel One.



Actress Yevgenia Brik won the TEFI award in the Drama Series Actress category for her role in the TV series "No One Will Know" for the Channel One.


Shooting of the ironic drama "Kesha" by Konstantin Bogomolov began

"Kesha" is a new original series co-produced by Marmot-Film Studios and KION. The general producers are Valery Todorovsky and Igor Mishin. Director of the series - Konstantin Bogomolov. He will play the main role - a man named Innokenty, who does not know how to break up with women.
"Kesha" - an ironic drama about the difficult relationship of four women and one man, a script written by Anna Kozlova.
Starring Yulia Snegir, Alexandra Rebenok, Yulia Alexandrova, Vasilisa Perelygina, Igor Vernik and others.


Premiere of Valery Todorovsky's series "In two”

At and wink will be released the first series of the new series of Valerie Todorovsky "In two" on October 3.
The project will tell the story of two friends who went on a business trip to St. Petersburg, not knowing how it will change the lives of both. On a trip heroes get acquainted with the frivolous St. Petersburg's Iria and mysterious cellist Nastya. These encounters will suddenly divide the lives of the men in two.
Starring Danila Kozlovsky, Alexander Petrov, Irina Starshenbaum and Elizaveta Bazykina.


The premiere of the detective series "The Crow. Shadow of Justice"

Online cinema Okko and Valery Todorovsky's studio "Marmot-Film" will show the detective series "The Crow. Shadow of Justice" from September 14. The director of the detective series was Alena Mikhailova. The main roles in the series were performed by Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Anatoly White.

"The Crow. The Shadow of Justice" - the continuation of the hit detective tells the story of the investigator Anna Vorontsova (Elizabeth Boyarsky), or, as they called her colleagues in the investigation committee, the Crow.
Starring Yelizaveta Boyarskaya, Anatoly Bely, Alexei Matoshin, Mikhail Evlanov, Alexander Ratnikov, Gennady Smirnov, Vladimir Kolganov, Andrei Vasiliev, Sergey Kolos, Sergey Kozik and others.


The series "In two" will open the festival "Pilot"

The fourth Russian series festival "Pilot" will be held in Ivanovo from 15 to 17 July. The annual festival of pilots and first episodes of new series is designed for television and online platforms and is also a professional platform for communication between series creators and leaders in the content distribution industry. The festival will commence with the showing of the first episode of series "In two".

Valery Todorovsky, film director, screenwriter, producer and president of the festival:
- I am glad that the festival is held. It seems to me, "Pilot" has a good reputation among professionals and spectators. Our serial industry continues to work. It is very important that during these three days we will be able to see the latest works of our colleagues, discuss and award the best, meet, talk with each other, and see the lively reaction of the public. Now more than ever it is important to hold a festival, to show the richness of our culture, the development and diversity of the serial industry. Many foreign streaming services have stopped cooperating with Russia, so the demand for domestic quality content is now extremely high. At our festival, we will show the latest Russian TV series.


New project of Valery Todorovsky "Actresses"

Valery Todorovsky's Studio with the participation of NMG Studio and Plus Studio announces the launch of a new series by Fyodor Bondarchuk "Actresses" written by Paulina Andreeva. The project will destroy the audience's ideas about the life of actors and let the audience into their real life with their fears, desires and goals. It will become clear how those who are used to being thought of as carefree people really live.

And as in the acting profession - how little in any other - the one who yesterday was everything, tomorrow can become nobody. 10 episodes will be divided into three acts, between which three years will pass, which will make it possible to trace the fate of the heroes throughout ime. The series "Actresses" will be available only to subscribers of online cinemas Kinopoisk and Wink.
Valery Todorovsky about the new series "Actresses":
- It was with great pleasure that I worked with the talented screenwriter Paulina Andreeva. It turned out to be a lively, touching, original script. Now I have to cooperate with my old friend Fyodor Bondarchuk, which we both have wanted for a long time. In life, there are rarely gifts like this project - and here is a chance that everything adds up. And I'm very happy!


Series “Nobody Knows” comes out

The premiere of series “Nobody Knows” is set to take place from the 4th to the 7th of April on channel One at 21:30. Starring: Evgeniya Brik, Kirill Safonov, Yuriy Bikov, Alexander Robak, Yana Sekste, Viktoriya Isakova, and more. The viewers will be shown several real life stories from the lives of modern middle class people from Moscow - the energetic, self-accomplished, and confident people.

They want to grow and develop, but they fail to avoid the middle crisis. The characters have something for others to learn from, even though they act like teen-agers in some life situations. Within several years they are to overcome a multitude of problems in order to realize a simple thought - all of us are children, but there comes a time when we need to grow up.


The shooting of series “Death of a Fashion Model” has ended

The post-production of the retro-detective series “Death of a Fashion Model”. The series is produced for channel One. The shooting mainly took place in Moscow and the last days the crew spent in Chelyabinsk Oblast.
The project was very challenging: the script took 5 years to write and the shooting lasted for half a year. The artists did a phenomenal job of recreating the costumes and decorations of the 70-s in order to dive into the atmosphere of the time. We congratulate everyone who took part in the project with this step!

Actor, Sergey Bezrukov: – It is sad to part with Bessonov, but all projects end at some point. I often get asked whether it is easy to get out of the role after the shooting. Not always. Sometimes it’s hard and this is the case here. Half a year in this role while being in the 70-s atmosphere - it feels like another lifetime.


Evgeniya Brik. 03.09.1981-10.02.2022

After a long battle with an illness, a wonderful and talented actress Evgeniya Brik has passed. Our most sincere condolences go out to the family and the close ones. Evgeniya was married to the director Valeriy Todorovsky. She starred in his pictures “The Thaw”, “The Hipsters”, “Vice”, and “Odessa”. Also the actress has great roles in “The Optimists”, “The Bomb”, “The Geographer Drank His Globe Away”, “Kamenskaya”, and “The Garden Ring”.


Shooting of Andrey Smirnov's new picture «For Us With You» has begun

ANO KADR and Marmot-Film LLC, with the support of the Kinoprime Foundation and Amedia Production LLC, have started filming a new project «For Us With You». The screenwriter and director of the movie is Andrey Sergeevich Smirnov (Belorussky Station, Autumn, The Frenchman, etc.). Filming will last for three months and will take place in Moscow and Torzhok.

The film will feature a truly stellar cast. Julia Snigir will play the main character. Also the films stars Alexander Kuznetsov, Andrey Smolyakov, Irina Rozanova, Alexander Ustyugov, Leonid Yarmolnik, Ksenia Rappoport, Ivan Dobronravov, Nina Amelina, Dmitry Kulichkov, Galina Tyunina, Evdokia Germanova and others.


The film "Danube" received the "White Elephant" award

The melodrama of Lyubov Mulmenko with Nadezhda Lumpova was recognized as the best in the nomination "Best feature-length feature debut" according to the Expert Council of the National "White Elephant" award. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the creation of this great picture.

A story about emotions, travel, youth and love. Introverted Russian girl Nadia goes on vacation to Belgrade, populated by extroverted Serbs. She lives according to a plan all her life, and Belgrade people live for their own pleasure. First, Nadya is drawn into an affair with a local guy, Nesha, and then into his relaxed, semi-wandering lifestyle. She makes an impulsive decision to quit her boring job and Moscow for the sake of love, freedom and Belgrade. This love and this freedom will have to pass the test of reality, which always turns out to be more difficult than our expectations.


The film "Danube" was included in the shortlist of "The White Elephant" Award

Nominees for the 2021 White Elephant National Film Critics Award have been announced. The feature film "Danube" by director and screenwriter Lyubov Mulmenko will compete with other films in the "Best feature-length feature debut" category. The awards ceremony will take place on February 6th in a hybrid format.


“The Abode” was shortlisted for the “Golden Eagle” Award

The 8-episode film "Abode" directed by Alexander Veledinsky, based on the novel by Zakhar Prilepin, was once again nominated for an award. This time the series was shortlisted for the “Golden Eagle” Award, where the film is presented in two nominations: "Best TV Series" and "Best Actress", for which Alexandra Rebenok was nominated.

The “Golden Eagle” award ceremony will take place on January 28th, 2022. The annual “Golden Eagle” award, the winners of which are chosen by the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Russia, has been awarded since 2002.


"The Frenchman" is nominated for the Golden Unicorn Award

“ The Frenchman”, written and directed by Andrey Smirnov, was nominated for the “Golden Unicorn Award” in the Best Screenplay category. The Golden Unicorn Award Ceremony is the culmination of Russian Film Week, which will take place on December 5 in the UK. Due to the pandemic cancellation of the festival in the last year, this year's 2020-2021 films are presented for the award, which seriously intensifies the competition.

The movie is dedicated to the memory of Alexander Ginzburg, one of the first Soviet dissidents. The story takes place in the late 1950s. French student Pierre Durand came to Moscow for an internship at Moscow State University and in order to find his father, an officer of the White Army, Tatishchev, who was arrested in 1930. After the arrest of her husband, Duran's mother managed to leave for the West. In Moscow, he falls in love with the ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater Kira Galkina, meets the photographer Valery Uspensky, plunges into the life of underground Moscow during the “thaw”. For one year in Moscow, Pierre lives a whole life, completely different from the one he imagined.


The series "The Abode" continues its procession through the festivals

The 8-episode film "Abode" directed by Alexander Veledinsky, based on the novel by Zakhar Prilepin, was nominated in the category "Best Drama TV Series" at the upcoming “ZOOM FESTIVAL”. The winner will be chosen from 8 applicants, the award ceremony will take place on November 27 in Barcelona.

The international festival of audiovisual content in Catalonia, ZOOM FESTIVAL, has been held in Barcelona every year since 2002. In 2021, it will be held from November 23 to 28 in Igualada in both online and offline formats.

Also, "The Abode'' was nominated in the category "Best Series" at the prestigious international television competition “Venice TV Award”, which takes place annually in Venice in September. The award recognizes the best television productions created around the world. This year, projects from 98 companies from 29 countries in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia were proposed for development. The jury evaluated the contestants in 16 categories. “The Abode" entered the top ten nominees in the Best Series category, along with projects from such major companies as HBO (UK), Paramount + (USA), Sky (Italy), Canal+ Creation Originale (France), and others.

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Valery Todorovsky’s filmography as a producer includes more than 60 television projects and 15 full-length feature films. As a director, Todorovsky has worked on 13 feature films and series, which have always become a significant event in cinematic and public life. General producer and artistic director of the group of companies that were created in a partnership with Maxim Koroptsov and Anastasia Biryukova, which include " Valery Todorovsky Production Company '', "Marmot-Film '' Studio, and others.



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