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Valery Todorovsky is a successful, talented director and producer. His producer filmography includes more than 60 television projects and 15 feature-length films, while as a director he has made eight films, which are always an event in cinematic and public life.

Todorovsky is the lead producer and artistic director of the companies Valery Todorovsky Producer Company and Marmot Film Studio, created in partnership with Maksim Koroptsov and Anastasia Biryukova.

Valery Todorovsky


Filmography by Valery Todorovsky

  • Catafalque 1990
  • Love 1991
  • Katya Ismailova Podmoskovnie Vechera, 1994
  • The Land of the Deaf 1996
  • Lover 2002
  • My Step-brother Frankenstein 2004
  • Vice 2007
  • Hipsters 2008
  • The Thaw 2013, tv- drama

Selected producer projects by Valery Todorovsky

  • Kandahar Film
  • Piranha Film
  • Hipsters Film
  • The Geographer Drank his Globe away Film
  • The Iron Ivan (Poddubny) Film
  • Cadets Television series
  • The Idiot Television series
  • The Master and Margarita Television series
  • The Thaw Television series

Valery Todorovsky’s films are frequent entrants and winners at prestigious russian and international film festivals.

Our Projects

Company Producers

  • Valery Todorovsky General producer, Art- director
  • Maksim Koroptsov Production producer
  • Anastasia Biryukova Producer, financial director
  • Elena Gorbunova Executive producer
  • Elena Kozhanova Executive producer
  • Peter Todorovsky Creative producer, new projects, email:
  • Dmitry Davidenko Line producer, cooperation, participation in festivals, email:


Company info

Valery Todorovsky Production Company, Marmot-film Studio


Krasina street 7 bld 2, Moscow, 123056, Russia


Tel./Fax: +7(499)254-3123

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