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Valery Todorovsky is a successful, talented director and producer. His producer filmography includes more than 60 television projects and 15 feature-length films, while as a director he has made eight films, which are always an event in cinematic and public life.

Todorovsky is the lead producer and artistic director of the companies Valery Todorovsky Producer Company and Marmot Film Studio, created in partnership with Maksim Koroptsov and Anastasia Biryukova.

Filmography by Valery Todorovsky:

Catafalque (1990)

Love (1991)

Katya Ismailova (Podmoskovnie Vechera, 1994)

The Land of the Deaf (1996)

Lover (2002)

My Step-brother Frankenstein (2004)

Vice (2007)

Hipsters (2008)

The Thaw (2013, tv- drama)

Valery Todorovsky’s films are frequent entrants and winners at prestigious russian and international film festivals.

Selected producer projects by Valery Todorovsky:

Television series:


The Idiot

The Master and Margarita

The Thaw





The Geographer Drank his Globe away

The Iron Ivan (Poddubny)

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Our Projects


Demons (2014)

A modern adaptation of the Fyodor Dostoevsky novel The Possessed (Besy).
Debut work of director Roman Shalyapin.


«Bolshoi» (2016)

A new movie by director, producer Valery Todorovsky.
The story of a young small-town girl who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. With the help of her talent, skill, patience and ambition she reaches the top in ballet and becomes a principle dancer in Bolshoi Theatre.


«Ladoga» (2014)

TV-Drama. 1942, Leningrad under siege. The Soviet counter-intelligence finds out that the Germans are preparing a sabotage attack at lake Ladoga which is used to deliver rations to the sieged Leningrad. A series about people’s valour and bravery during the war.

«The Thaw»

«The Thaw» (2013)

TV-Drama. A multi-episode romance movie about Soviet film makers of the 60-s. It is a time of hopes and confidence in a promising future. They are young, sincere and, what matters most, in love!


«Chagall-Malevich» (2013)

A film by a Russian movie classic, director Alexander Mitta. The story of self-forgetful love of Bella Chagall, the wife of the great painter Marc Chagall, unfolds against the background of her husband’s historic rivalry with his brilliant contemporary counterpart Kazimir Malevich.

«The Geographer Drank his Globe away» 2013

The Geographer Drank his Globe away

A film based on a book by Alexei Ivanov, a popular Russian writer. A young biologist named Viktor Sluzhkin finds a job as a geography teacher at a usual school in the city of Perm to make ends meet. He struggles, and then makes friend with his students, has conflicts with the assistant principal, organizes a river trip for 9th-form students. He simply lives…

«Once upon a Time There Lived a Simple Woman» 2011

«Once upon a Time There Lived a Simple Woman» (2011)

A film by a Russian movie classic, director Andrei Smirnov. The life story of a woman and her four men. The main character is an illiterate peasant woman. The film plot begins with her wedding in 1909 and ends in 1921 with the Tambov Rebellion. The country’s dramatic history is shown through a simple woman’s life.


«Kandagar» (2009)

A dramatic story based on true events. 1995, Afghanistan.
A Russian cargo plane is forced to land in the airport of Kandagar, the capital of Muslim terrorism. Five Russian pilots are taken hostage by Taliban fanatics.


«Hipsters» (2008)

A musical about big love. Handsome actors, bright costumes, big feelings. Remarkable choreography, popular Soviet rock hits sang in a modern way.


«Piranha» (2006)

Film version of an adventure book by Alexander Bushkov about Anton Mazur, a special forces agent nicknamed Piranha.


«Lover» (2002)

A dramatic story of two men’s love for one woman. One of them is a professor of linguistics. The other is a military retiree. These two absolutely unsimilar men are bound by a common tragedy – the death of her whom they have loved so much and who has involuntarily united their destinies.

«Kamenskaya 1-5»

«Kamenskaya 1-5» (2000-2008)

A TV series about a major of militia who investigates most confusing cases. It is based on books by Alexandra Marinina, a russian best-selling writer.

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Company Producers

Valery Todorovsky

Maksim Koroptsov

Anastasia Biryukova

Elena Gorbunova

Peter Todorovsky

Dmitry Davidenko

- General producer, Art- director
- Production producer
- Producer, financial director
- Executive producer
- Executive producer
- Creative producer, new projects
- Line producer, cooperation, participation in festivals
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Valery Todorovsky Production Company,
Marmot-film Studio,

Krasina street 7 bld 2, Moscow, 123056, Russia


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Music by Alexey Aigui